The Medicaid Policy Center (MPC) is dedicated to advancing the quality and cost effectiveness — and long-term sustainability — of the New Jersey Medicaid program to improve the health and wellness of New Jersey residents.

The MPC delivers independent research, analysis and policy solutions to improve health outcomes while also controlling costs — and works in partnership with other organizations and the state government agencies that operate the New Jersey Medicaid program.

The new center benefits from the Quality Institute’s tradition of bringing people from all corners of health care together to collaborate on innovative solutions to improve the state’s health care system.

New Jersey FamilyCare (Medicaid) Beneficiaries

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Total New Jersey Medicaid beneficiaries = 1,705,078

Medicaid Fact of The Month


The Medicaid program celebrated its 54th anniversary on July 30th, signifying the day that President Lydon B. Johnson signed the bill that would eventually turn into Medicaid and Medicare. At the Medicaid Policy Center, as a program that is dedicated to advancing quality, cost-effectiveness, and long-term sustainability of the New Jersey Medicaid program, we are thrilled that the program continues to help low-income people and families all across the country. Read more about Medicaid’s history here.

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