Leadership Council

This exclusive membership level offers only one seat per health care sector. This close-knit group has a strong working relationship with our Board and staff and helps inform the direction of our priority policy initiatives. Leadership Council members have the opportunity to work with us in picking topics of mutual interest to include in our Health Matters statewide poll, a collaboration between the Quality Institute and the Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling at Rutgers, the State University. Leadership Council members receive extensive time and attention from Quality Institute staff and leadership.

Plan Council
Health and dental plans, behavioral health management organizations, and pharmacy benefit managers

Professional & Technology Council
Consultants, innovators, and experts in fields related to the health care industry, such as human resources and technology companies, accounting and law firms, and data and analytics

Purchaser Council
Businesses, unions or organizations that purchase health benefits for their employees or members

Wellness Council
Companies that provide products or services such as pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology firms, retail pharmacies, and fitness centers