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  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers Growing Trend – Patients at Risk?

    Patricia Kelmar, Senior Policy Advisor for the Quality Institute, presented on the growing trend of Ambulatory Surgery Centers at the Consumer Reports...

  • Take Five: State Innovation Model (SIM) Design Grant

    Joel C. Cantor, Sc.D., is Director of the Center for State Health Policy at Rutgers. He spoke to Symptoms & Cures about the state’s role in the State...

  • Take Five: Dr. Suzanne Miller and Translational Behavioral Medicine

    Dr. Suzanne M. Miller, Vice-Chair of the Board of the Quality Institute, has been appointed as editor-in-chief of Translational Behavioral Medicine. She...

  • Linda Schwimmer’s Tiered Networks Testimony

    Linda J. Schwimmer's Tiered Networks Testimony

  • Take Five: Patricia Kelmar and Key Issues in Cancer Care Delivery

    Patricia Kelmar, Senior Policy Advisor for the Quality Institute, recently attended ERCI’s 22nd Annual Conference, which focused on key issues in cancer...

  • Take Five: Helping Patients Drive End-of-Life Care

    This week we hear from Angelo E. Volandes, MD, a physician and writer at Harvard Medical School whose work focuses on empowering patients and families...

  • Take Five: Collaborative Care

    Dr. Jürgen Unützer, an internationally recognized psychiatrist and health service researcher from the University of Washington, is one of two keynote...

  • Take Five: Fear of Tiers?

    Narrow networks, tiered insurance products, closed networks: What does it all mean for consumers and our health care system?
    As health care plans look...

  • Take Five: QI Payment Reform Summit

    Published in Symptoms & Cures, September 3, 2015
    Exciting events are on the horizon with the QI Collaborative.  Executive Director Jeff Brown gives...