Part of the Quality Institute’s goal to improve health care quality includes educating and empowering consumers to make informed health care decisions. In collaboration with other partners, the Quality Institute is committed to providing free educational resources.

  • New Jersey Hospital Price Transparency Report

    Continuing NJHCQI's long-term mission to promote transparency and accountability in the health care marketplace, in December of 2009, we released the New...

  • NJ Ambulatory Surgical Center and Surgical Practice Transparency Report


    In March 2011, NJHCQI released a report that detailed the findings of a series of random inspections of New Jersey’s surgical centers by the...

  • Vitale-Knowlton Whitepaper


    Released in 2008, the Vitale-Knowlton White Paper was the product of many years of work by Senator Joe Vitale, current Chairman of the Senate...