We are thrilled that Linda Sloan Locke, CNM, MPH, LSW, has joined the Quality Institute’s Board of Directors, and we are so pleased to introduce her to our members.

Linda’s experience and passion for maternal child health make her a valuable addition to our leadership. As you can read in the Take Five below, Linda has been practicing patient-centered care long before that phrase entered the health care lexicon.

She began her career as a midwife and later earned her LSW so she could better support her patients, many of whom came to her with issues beyond the traditional boundaries of medical care. Linda wanted to better understand the interaction of mental health and physical health.

In recent years, the Quality Institute has focused on maternal and child health and I believe that Linda’s insight and perspective will be essential to our efforts to improve outcomes for mothers and babies. And her experience in social justice will be critical to our work to end the unacceptable racial disparities we continue to see in health care.

I urge you all to take a look at this must-read Take Five interview, and to welcome Linda Sloan Locke to our board.

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