The Quality Institute has always been an advocate for patient safety and health care quality. That, coupled with the organization’s data-driven research and ability to bring all parties together to resolve difficult issues, has led to numerous policy improvements. The result is increased transparency, better quality of care, and reduced costs and medical errors, evidenced by:

  • Encouraging hospitals to publicly report data through the Leapfrog Hospital Survey. As of the winter of 2016, New Jersey had the highest survey participation rate in the nation for regions with at least 50 targeted hospitals. In 2016, seven New Jersey hospitals were awarded The Leapfrog Group’s Top Hospital designation.
  • Driving the creation of three Medicaid ACOs to improve care to underserved populations in the state.
  • Establishing the Mayors Wellness Campaign which gives mayors and other civic leaders tools and strategies to champion health and wellness within their communities and improve the overall health of their communities. Over 380 New Jersey mayors have signed on to this campaign.
  • Creating and expanding Conversation of Your Life, a program focused on promoting conversations around end-of-life wishes to one’s caregivers and loved ones.
  • Regularly engaging and providing subject matter expertise to health policy leaders to help improve our laws and regulations in New Jersey.
  • Leading a year-long, intensive review of New Jersey’s Medicaid system and developing a blueprint to improve its effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability.
  • Running a learning network to support and educate clinicians in their adoption of alternative payment and delivery models.

The Quality Institute is particularly proud of its improvements to consumer protection, including playing a role in legislation related to caregiver support, advocating for stronger hospital-acquired infection and patient safety reporting requirements, creating a drug price registry, and conducting a transparency analysis on New Jersey ambulatory surgery centers and surgical practices.