Project Game Plan

  1. Convene a multi-stakeholder initiative inviting all key New Jersey stakeholders, including State government leadership, safety-net hospitals, physicians and other providers, Federally Qualified Health Centers, Accountable Care Organizations and similar community-based care coalitions, behavioral health and substance abuse providers, long term care and home and community-based aging and disability services, Managed Care Organizations, current and likely state and federal level decision-makers, policy experts, state agencies including Human Services, Health, Banking and Insurance and Treasury and consumers and beneficiaries.
  2. Research other states’ successful innovations to identify best practices in delivery and payment within Medicaid, and
  3. Develop a Blueprint for the future of New Jersey’s Medicaid system based on the research findings and stakeholders’ recommendations.  This Blueprint will include recommendations to achieve the “Triple Aim” which improves the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction), improves the health of populations, and reduces the per capita cost of healthcare.  The Blueprint will include potential solutions in the following areas:
    • Payment – streamline processes, incentivize quality and improve both patient and provider experience;
    • Procurement – better leverage the State’s power as the largest purchaser of health benefits and related social services in the State using value based purchasing;
    • Care Coordination – from either NJ or other states focusing on quality care at lower costs;
    • Pain Points – identified during stakeholder sessions, including payment disincentives, system limitations, and redundancies;
    • Support Systems – incorporate social service needs of the population, such as supportive housing and employment assistance