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Use the MWC Toolkit to Make a Difference

The New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute’s Mayors Wellness Campaign (MWC) is a program that gives mayors tools and strategies to champion healthy and active living and to improve the overall health of their communities. When mayors promote healthy living they can drive communitywide change. The MWC gives you the platform and tools you need to make your community a healthier place to live.

Ready to get started?

Use the At-a-Glance Program Guide to help you pick a program that meets your goals for achieving community health. Or just click on one of the icons below and start making a difference today.

  • Physical Health and Nutrition

    Encourage active lifestyles and healthy eating in your community.

  • Environment and Health

    Help your community take advantage of the outdoors.

  • Education and Health

    Keep your community sharp, engaged, and curious.

  • Arts and Health

    Stir creativity and strengthen community ties through the arts.