To undertake initiatives that promote system changes that ensure quality, safety, accountability and cost-containment are closely linked to the delivery of health care services in New Jersey.


For New Jersey residents to have access to high-quality and affordable health care.

About Us

The New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute is the only independent, nonpartisan, multi-stakeholder advocate for health care quality in New Jersey. We are committed to improving health care quality and safety, expanding access to good care, and controlling costs for employers and consumers.

Our mission is to undertake projects and promote system changes that ensure that quality, safety, accountability and cost-containment are closely linked to the delivery of health care services in New Jersey.

The Quality Institute convenes a unique community. Our members come from every health care interest: consumer groups, physicians, nurses, health plans, hospitals, accountable care organizations, employers, unions, foundations, pharmaceutical companies and innovators.

We are the only place in New Jersey where competitors, friends, advocates, industry, reformists and others sit together and objectively discuss health care policy. We believe that collaboration is essential to improving health care.

As a member of the Quality Institute, you will meet others of a similar mind, engage with experts, and learn about hot topics and new approaches. By joining one of our councils you will have opportunities to network with other health care leaders and address issues of importance to you.

If your organization shares this vision, the Quality Institute is a smart investment for you. Together we can do great things in health care and make a difference.

Our programs include:

Quality Institute Collaborative (QI Collaborative):

The QI Collaborative is a learning network for redesigning our health care system using new payment models, delivery system reforms, and new community-based partnerships.

Recognizing that accountable care initiatives– the new models of paying for and delivering health care services that reward value and quality instead of volume – represent an opportunity to achieve better care at lower cost, the Quality Institute developed a partnership and learning network comprised of provider-driven health care coalitions, integrated delivery systems, hospitals, health centers, payers, purchasers and consumer groups to improve health care for all New Jerseyans through innovation, coordination, engagement, and an unwavering focus on patient-centered, community-based care.

The Mayors Wellness Campaign:

The Mayors Wellness Campaign (MWC) is a statewide community health initiative in partnership with the New Jersey State League of Municipalities. The MWC is a program that gives mayors tools and strategies to champion healthy and active living and to improve the overall health of their communities. When mayors promote healthy living they can drive community wide change. The MWC gives you the platform and tools you need to make your community a healthier place to live.

The Leapfrog Patient Safety Initiative:

The Leapfrog Patient Safety Initiative is a voluntary program aimed at mobilizing employer purchasing power to drive improvements to safety and quality in America’s health care system. Among other initiatives, Leapfrog works with its employer members to encourage transparency and easy access to health care information as well as rewards for hospitals that have a proven record of high quality care. Some of Leapfrog’s most recognized work includes the creation of the Leapfrog Hospital Survey, a voluntary survey that looks exclusively at patient safety, and, subsequently, the roll out of the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Score – a meaningful and easy-to-use patient safety rating for hospitals.

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