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Published by Lilo H. Stainton on NJ Spotlight. Patient, business advocates call for ‘two-pronged approach’ that melds transparency and mechanism to resolve disputes over surprise charges Hoping to jump-start what they consider a comprehensive reform, a diverse group of healthcare and business advocates have called on Democratic leaders to vote this week on a long-debated […]

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Democrats outraged, Republicans lukewarm, Gov. Christie ‘concerned’ about proposal for massive cuts to Medicaid Published on NJ Spotlight by Lilo H. Stainton. President Donald Trump’s federal budget proposal would significantly reduce spending on Medicaid, medical research, local healthcare programs, food aid, and other social welfare programs — cuts that advocates said present significant challenges for […]

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Published by Lindsey Sablan on Wink News. FORT MYERS, Fla. (CONSUMER REPORTS) If you recently had a surgical procedure that was considered fairly ­minor—such as cataract removal—you might have gone to what’s called an ambu­la­tory surgery center (ASC). These freestanding centers, which may be at least partly owned by private physicians, are becoming increasingly widespread. […]

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Originally published by the Star Ledger Editorial Board, Of all the lamentable remarks from Tom MacArthur lately, the most tone-deaf utterance was his observation that the critics of his health care calamity share the same anxiety as those who dreaded the death panel myth sent down from Planet Palin. “I think it speaks to the […]

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Controversial healthcare plan clears House but will Senate fall in line? Published by Lilo H. Stainton in NJ Spotlight. More than half a million New Jersey residents could lose their health insurance, another 1.3 million Medicaid members could face more limited benefits, and hundreds of thousands of working-poor patients could find themselves paying more for […]

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Published by Mary Jo Layton on Several New Jersey health care experts predicted dire consequences for patients, hospitals and the state treasury if a bill approved Thursday by House Republicans that unravels many of the consumer protections provided through Obamacare — and eliminates the expansion of Medicaid — becomes law. “Our hope is that the […]

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